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1984-1994: The first decade at Msida

The Higher Secondary School, Malta, is run by the Malta Government Education Directorates. It was established by the Minister of Education Dr K. Mifsud Bonnici on 4 September 1984 in order to provide a revision course at the Ordinary Level for students wishing to continue their academic education, as attested by the school motto Occasio Altera Data. The school The premises chosen formed part of the New Lyceum (ex- Polytechnic, now the Junior College) complex at Msida, which had been built twenty years before. Eight days later Dr Ronald Abdilla was appointed first head of school. Notices for students were published on 17 September and the first lessons were held two days later. The first subjects offered were English, Maltese, Mathematics and Physics. Within a few days on 1 October 1984, Dr Paul Heywood became second head of school. New teaching staff joined in order to expand the variety of subjects to include all those normally taught in Maltese secondary schools at the time, namely Arabic, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, French, German, Geography, History, Home Economics and Needlework, Italian and Technical Design.

On 1 October 1985 the combined course of Advanced and Ordinary level was introduced. Advanced level classes were started in all the abovementioned subjects as well as in Accounts, Engineering Drawing, Applied and Pure Maths and Philosophy. Scholastic year 1987-88 heralded further developments. Mr Godfrey Testa was appointed head of school; the second year students could join the New Lyceum classes; and a first year university oriented course was started with students joining the New Lyceum in their second year. In October 1988 upon the initiative of Minister Dr U. Mifsud Bonnici the school received its official name Giovanni Curmi, an author, ex-professor of Italian and Head of the Lyceum. Curmi's daughter Ileana was appointed first chairman of the school council. Advanced level students were granted a stipend by the Ministry of Education and a year later the second year of Advenced level could be completed at the school. All these developments increased the popularity of the school and the population topped 1000 in 1993-1994.


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